Hi, I'm Mona, and unless you can't tell, I'm a monarch butterfly. This is my page dedicated to my favorite movie, A Bug's Life. I got lots of things for you to look at below. I have a review of the film, pictures, and my friends among other things. I just added a brand new section dedicated to the fans of the movie. It's not complete yet, so check back often for updates. Enjoy. (This site is best viewed with Netscape.)


Everyone who's seen the movie has opinions on it. You can read mine here, along with lots of other critiques of the film.
We love those faces and sceneries, but unless you're watching the movie, they can't be admired. Or can they? Here's my collection of pictures from the movie.
Either you love them or you love to hate them. Both ways, all of the characters are memorable. Meet my close friends and my not-so-close enemies.
You paid good money to see the movie, but did you get the most out of it? Chances are that you missed inside, hard-to-see, or hard-to-hear jokes. This section's job is to show you what you might have missed.
All good movies have memorable scenes. Some are touching, some are turning points in the story, and others just make us laugh. From memory, I give you the highlights of the movie.
A movie this good has to have some sort of following. If you're not familiar with it, here's the main aspects of ABL fandom.

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Bug City

The Sombrero Club

P.T. Flea's Circus

Flik's Chamber

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