Only two of these are my works. The others are all by other authors. I've put the name of the author, plus a short description, by each piece. Not all of them are linked. The ones that aren't linked aren't finished yet. As soon as they're finished, they'll be linked up. The stories are all in chronological order, from long before the movie takes place to long after.

"The Grass Menagerie" by Mona
The circus bugs aren't the circus bugs yet. They're growing-up. This story follows all of them, except for Tuck and Roll, from childhood to forming P.T.'s circus.

"Two Brothers' Lives" by Mocha
This is basically just an expanded version of "A Grasshopper's Life."

"A Grasshopper's Life" by Cada (a.k.a. Therese)
Hopper and Molt came from a loving grasshopper family, which is evidenced here. This story also contains background info on a certain wild grasshopper.

"The Solitary Gangster" by Crow
A young grasshopper loses her real family and finds a new one.

"One Bug, Two Bug" by Sparky
This is the the story of how Tuck and Roll became part of P.T.'s circus.

"The Artist" by Eliza
Being a notorious gang leader isn't Hopper's only ambition. Like just about everyone, he's dreamt of stardom.

"Time and Time Again" by Meschi with translations by Tomika
Tuck gets fed up with his brother's mess-ups, so he decides to teach him a lesson. (This is really short and includes translations to the Hungarian.)

Scarlet's story (no title yet) by Flik
After a terrible tragedy, Scarlet the cow killer ends up alone. She eventually finds a friend in an unlikely bug.

"The Bug in Winter" by Sparky
After ridding the colony of Hopper, everyone's hoping for a relaxing winter. We can't have that, now can we?

"The Kidnapping of Princess Dot" by Flik and Atta
Not all of the grasshoppers were defeated. They want to get back at the colony, and the tiny princess is an easy target.

"Foreign and Domestic" by Sparky
A new circus rolls into town. Not only does this mean competition for the circus bugs, but they might lose two dear members of the troupe, as well.

"Invasion!" by Flik and Atta
A group of yellow jackets, led by Queen Vexia, takes over the anthill.

"Raid" by Mona
The band Raid is hired by P.T. Their popularity grows, as do their relationships with the circus bugs.

"The Search for the Healing Plant" by Flik and Atta
Flik is injured. To save him, Atta must find a rare plant.

"Little Pride of Hungary" by Meschi
The young pillbug Meschi loses everything that's important to her. Instead of ending it all, she starts a new life.

"Alba" by Meschi
A pillbug family gathers around to hear the tragic tale of Alba the white pillbug.